Worlds is the theme of the 9th TIFF Festival.
We pay attention to observing our reality through the prism of other worlds. Looking into the future, changing the perspective of seeing or imagining a utopia, we will talk about completely real problems, hotspots or dreams of today’s world.

Every year we refine our formula, which is why also this year we invite you for 5 days of the Opening events and exhibitions which will be open till the end of September:
– 3 curatorial exhibitions of the Main Program: Men Like Gods in OP ENHEIM, Kino Utopia in BWA Wrocław Główny gallery and Studio BWA Wrocław gallery
– 3 exhibitions of the TIFF Open section in BWA Wrocław Główny gallery
– 1 exhibition of TIFF Open: Special Mentions in Entropia Gallery

The programme will by complemented by meetings with authors, curatorial and authorial tours, discussions and evening music events.

FULL SCHEDULE: www.bit.ly/schedule-tiff

TIFF Festival will take place from 4th to 8th September 2019. Exhibitions will be available to 30th of September in four locations: BWA Wrocław Główny gallery, Studio BWA Wrocław gallery, OP ENHEIM and Entropia Gallery.

Even before the festival, we invite you to PreTIFF: Night Will Come & AlterClips, which is an event for those who want to feel the festival before opening! More: http://bit.ly/preTIFF-eng