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UFO VISUAL LAB Group Art Exhibition & Publication

Expedition into human imagination. / Kraków, Poland, 19.05-04.06

Curators and artists joined up together to research the myth of UFO and the evolution of its representation in media and pop culture. Now they need your help to produce the result of their fascinating investigation!

Unidentified Flying Objects and extraterrestrials have been the themes appearing in the mainstream media and science discussions regularly since many years. It’s extremely interesting: why people want to believe? How come so many of us ‘know’, how the flying saucers or aliens look like, although no one has ever proved they exist? Why the idea of UFO continuously inspires artists to produce stories, movies, artworks?

Polish art photography platform Fresh From Poland teamed up with FotoBzik association and Paper Beats Rock foundation to create an exhibition and publication that will be presented firstly in Poland, during the Krakow Photomonth Festival, and later in UK and Ukraine.

Organizers work on library and a timeline exploring detailed evolution of the UFO myth. Grażyna Siedlecka, curator of the project, invited 10 artists and collectives to create artworks for the show and two guest curators to bring in their own stories. The important part of the project is  the ’Alternative Facts’, zine publication accompanying the exhibition. Additionally, there is #Showmeyorufo project going on – an online research looking into the collective consciousness. There is more and more amazing materials and images for this living laboratory.

Now the UFO Visual Lab asks for your help. 900$ is needed to produce the show, publication and to promote the idea. There are beautiful unique perks waiting for you. Even the smallest contribution makes change. Join the community of modern open-minded art supporters!

Help to spread the word, submit your work or story to #showmeyourfo open call, support the Indiegogo campaign – become the part of an amazing project. Let’s do it together!

Curator: Grażyna Siedlecka

Guest curators: Iza Zdziebko, Karol Liver

‚Alternative Facts’ publication: Katarzyna Legendź, Kasia Zolich

Invited artists: Franek Ammer, Gosia Ćwiech, Artur Gołębiowski, Grupa TBX (Paweł Bagiński, Miłosz Cirocki, Wojtek Skrzypczyński), Kamil #2, Anna Kieblesz, Karol Liver, Michał Matejko, Kaja Rata, Katarzyna Zolich.

Organized by: Fresh From Poland, FotoBzik, Paper Beats Rock

In partnership with: Kamienica Szara Gallery, Krakow Photomonth

Media partners: Doc! Photo Magazine, Prim Photo Magazine

project’s website: showmeyourufo.tumblr.com

crowdfunding campaign: igg.me/at/showmeyourufo