Atonal Collective
We are a group of artists and creative professionals. Founded in May 2014, the Atonal`s members are focuses on personal documentary photography and projects including short stories, extended photo essays, and multi-layered projects. We present unique narratives.
Members: Alexander Arnild, Cato Lein, Igor Pisuk, Magdalena Świtek, Jannis Tordheim

Contemporary Lynx
Contemporary Lynx is an arts organisation and magazine launched in January 2013 by art historians Dobromiła Błaszczyk and Sylwia Krasoń. Contemporary Lynx was created to encourage an appreciation and understanding of Polish contemporary art by a wide audience. Our goal is to raise awareness of Polish artists’ contribution to the international art scene. In our online art magazine we publish first-hand information about interesting and prestigious art events from around the world. Our website is a springboard for further activities happening beyond the Internet – curatorial projects, art exhibitions, international cultural exchange, research and cross-media art events.

Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS
Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS is a project promoting contemporary art in the space of the city of Krakow. Inspired by similar events around the world, the event has reached a new, absolutely individual quality, focused on discovering and facilitating the development of contemporary art market. KRAKERS cooperates with major galleries and independent centres of artistic activity in order to challenge the stereotype of Krakow being aesthetically conservative.

Culture.pl provides daily fresh information on the most exciting Polish cultural events worldwide. It is the biggest and most comprehensive source of knowledge about Polish culture – apart from event listings for Poland and beyond, it boasts a wealth of artist bios, reviews, essays, synopses and profiles of cultural institutions. For over a decade now, the Culture.pl website has been operated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute – a national cultural institution aiming to strengthen Polish cultural impact and to benefit international cultural exchange.

DEBUTS – book and exhibition presenting the most talented, young (at heart) Polish photographers worthy our attention. Created by editors of doc! photo magazine and contra doc!

Document EAST
Document East is a blog focused on documentary photography from Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union.

doc! photo magazin
doc! photo magazine – an online e-monthly on contemporary documentary photography featuring the best visual stories around the world.

Fotofestiwal was born in 2001 in Łódź as one of the first photography events in Poland. Since then, both photography and the ways of organising cultural events have changed. Fotofestiwal has always been up to date with these changes. It is intended as a space for various forms of photography and a forum for discussion on art and society, but also as a search for alternative methods of talking about photography and presenting it. The festival is held annually in May. Since the very beginning, it has been meant as a place for meetings and exchanging ideas. The festival was launched as an initiative of students and teachers of sociology and this has always influenced its character. Among the different forms and types of photography the humanist and social aspects of the exhibited works have always played an important role.

The Foundation for Visual Arts is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 in Krakow. Its objective is to promote and popularise the visual arts in Poland. The Foundation’s main area of activity is photography, and its mission is the quest for new definitions for this field in the context of contemporary art, history and sociology. Alongside the annual Krakow Photomonth festival, the Foundation’s ventures include longer-term projects such as establishing an archive of Zofia Rydet, promoting the work of Jan Dziaczkowski, and the interdisciplinary project Rajza po Kato.

Innocent Curiosity
Innocent Curiosity – its founder is a Warsaw based photographer and journalist, Marcin Grabowiecki. Every week you will find reviews of photobooks that caught his attention.

Organized annually since 2002, the Krakow Photomonth Festival is an international photography festival. Photomonth has established itself as one of the most important cultural events in Poland, and has indeed earned itself a reputation throughout Europe for curatorial vigor and imagination.Each spring, Photomonth brings together more than 100 artists from Poland and abroad. 40 locations across the city become home to 30 exhibitions and 60 overlapping events, ranging from workshops and artist meetings to discussion panels, film screenings, concerts, and more. For one month every year, Krakow becomes Photomonth, and Photomonth becomes Krakow. Enmeshed in the fabric of the city, Photomonth is a cultural immersion and celebration of photography, to which the whole city is invited.

Kraków Photo Fringe
Krakow Photo Fringe is an initiative that brings together photographic events held in parallel with Krakow Photomonth. The Krakow Photomonth Festival has been creating an extraordinary energy in the city over the years, engaging and inspiring the organisation of additional accompanying events in the field of photography. Every year me make a selection of the most valuable initiatives and gather them under the umbrella of the synergistic project Krakow Photo Fringe.

LOOPED is an independent online film magazine created by a team of young film critics, illustrators and photographers from around the world.

MAGENTA is a platform for contemporary Polish and international photography. MAGENTA explores new visual areas, discovers new names and phenomena, creates discourse on images of known and unknown origin, fills the gap by providing news from Poland and the whole world, discovers portfolios and talks to the artists. MAGENTA is the only photography-related magazine in the time of tumblr. For now online, soon in print. MAGENTA was started by Adam Mazur and Dawid Misiorny (editor-in-chief). Soon Ewa Dyszlewicz and Michał Grochowiak joined the editorial board. MAGENTA gathers people who have something interesting to show and tell. We welcome you to cooperate with us. If we don’t like your stuff, we’ll decline your application.

Paper Beats Rock
PBR is a collective dedicated to creating visual narrations in form of photographic books, a small diy publishing house, a variety of workshops and generally a bunch of people intrested in nice and mundane stuff.

People You May Know
People You May Know is a group established by Polish photographers. Emerged from the desire of exploration, documentary and conceptual photography boundaries to pursue new ways of visual storytelling. Spanning individual view of each member, PYMK creates a multidimensional perspective on contemporary world issues.
Members: Marta Berens, Jakub Bors, Wiktor Dąbkowski, Dominika Gęsicka, Krzysztof Orłowski, Marcin Płonka

prism photography magazine
prism is an independent online platform dedicated to contemporary photography, currently represented by e-magazine, photo blog and curatorial initiative.

TIFF Festival
TIFF Festival was formed in 2011 as “Trochę Inny Festiwal Fotografii” [trans. A Slightly Different Photography Festival]. Its establishment was both a link to rich tradition of Wrocław’s photography, and a pursuit to create a cultural event, going beyond the traditional way of presenting photography. The festival has been in constant evolution, changing its formula, in correlation with themes attributed to subsequent editions. The name has also been modified to TIFF Festival, as this simplified name was easier to recognize by our widening pool of guests, including foreign ones. We are guided by the idea of exploring and reliving photography anew. Our perception of photography is as a medium existing in various contexts and taking on diverse functions – from a simple recording, through a subjective representation of reality, up to an artistic creation of new worlds and symbolic meanings.